The Ginn Academy, founded in 2007 by Ted Ginn, Sr., is the only all-male public high school in Ohio. Come in and see what goes on inside the hearts and minds of 655 E. 162nd Street each day. Let us tell you our stories.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Cardale Jones, Ginn Academy Class of 2011

A few of you may have heard the name Cardale Jones recently. Sound familiar? Something to do with The Ohio State University and perhaps their football team?

Cardale is the third-string OSU quarterback who found himself suddenly thrust into the brightest spotlight he'd ever seen when he was called to lead his team through the Big 10 championship game, the Sugar Bowl playoff game, and then finally the first ever College Football Championship game after his fellow QBs were injured. It's been one of the biggest stories in sports since he seized that first opportunity and everyone started asking, "Who IS this guy?"

This guy is one of our kids. This fairy tale began years ago. Cardale started at Ginn as a freshman in Ginn Academy's inaugural year, 2007, and graduated in 2011. He played football for Coach Ginn at Glenville for all four of those years.

Cardale's story could be the story of any one of our boys. He just happens to be the one who throws the football the best at this point in time. Each and every one of our students at Ginn Academy is learning that they have a purpose in this world, that they are valuable, and that they are loved. It is our mission to teach our students that they all have the potential to do something great, whether that means that they are the very best nurse they can be, the most caring teacher, a hard working Marine, an award-winning engineer, or the most inspiring writer. Cardale is a shining example of all of the rest of his Ginn brotherhood.

Cardale as a junior in 2009

End of year awards ceremony at Ginn Academy, 2009

2009, Glenville vs. St. Ignatius

At Ginn, Cardale learned something that would prove to be invaluable when his number came up in November. Our creed (see right sidebar) states that our young men will "stay patient and poised to seize every opportunity for success." It seems as if there can be no better example of staying patient and poised and seizing opportunities for success than what we've witnessed from Cardale.

2009, the entire student body of Ginn Academy

2009, Cardale ready to take the field with the Tarblooders in the state semi-final game

2009, Cardale with Coach Ginn

2009, Cardale was a junior
 At this point, we'd like to clarify the often confused sports rules in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District: young men from all over Cleveland are enrolled at Ginn Academy. They do not all play for Glenville. They play for the school that their residence dictates. Our students play for several different schools in the district.

Cardale returned to Cleveland after his first start in the Big Ten championship game in early December. The students and faculty were very excited to hear from him, and he was able to connect with his mentors as well.

Cardale with mentors, Theo Washington and Reverend Larry Howard, December 2014

At Ginn Academy in December 2014

Cardale and Coach Ginn at Ginn Academy, December 2014
After leading Ohio State to the national championship on January 12th, Cardale again returned to Cleveland. This time he had an enormous decision to make: he had two days to decide whether he'd stay at Ohio State with no guaranteed starting spot, or declare himself in the NFL draft.

The sports world waited with baited breath and a million opinions, and finally on January 15th, after spending time with his family and his trusted mentors, Cardale's decision to stay at Ohio State to finish his education was announced at a press conference at Ginn Academy.

Broadcast live on ESPN, there was much excitement over what he would do. The gym was packed with reporters from every media outlet and students, old friends, and even community members who just wanted to be there for the announcement. The general opinion around the country seemed to be that he should go for the money in the NFL, that his stock would never be higher.

Theo Washington, pictured below, is one of Cardale's mentors. Theo was the Glenville quarterback himself in 1964 and the two are very, very close. As the day went on, Cardale's family and friends let him know that whatever he decided, they would be there with him.

"When the time came and Cardale said that he would be staying in school, it was a burden taken off of my shoulders," Theo says. "People kept talking about money, but if they really listened to Cardale, they clearly got the definition and understanding of who he is and what he is about. He clearly stated to them that an education is for life."

One of Cardale's mentors and former Glenville QB (1964), Theo Washington, with Cardale, January 15th
It was a surprise to most people. We can't say enough times how proud we are of Cardale and his clear-thinking and long-term plans. He wants to do it right, to complete what he's started, both for himself and as an example for his 2 month-old daughter, Chloe.

Coach Ginn was non-stop the morning of Cardale's announcement

Cleveland Metropolitan School District CEO, Eric Gordon with Cardale

The entrance to the gym as everyone waited for Cardale to appear

Making his way toward the gym to announce his decision

Cardale and his daughter, Chloe

Cardale's mother, Florence Jones, proudly wears these shoes

Cardale's mother, Florence
Lisa Farmer-Cole, Assistant Superintendent CMSD; Lewis Burrell; and Hazel Parker, Ginn Academy Assistant to the Director, holding Chloe Jones, Cardale's daughter

Cardale with Ginn Academy math teacher, Mr. Albert Coreno and family

Cardale and his very proud family

And so, Cardale is back at Ohio State and will graduate next fall. He returns with no guarantee of starting as quarterback. "I want to go back and compete for the spot," he said. "I don’t want anything given to me," says Jones.

Nothing has ever been given to Cardale Jones, except an opportunity. A sudden and unexpected opportunity to show the world what he is made of. He stayed patient and poised for years for that opportunity, and when the time came, he seized it like no one has ever seen before.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Back to School, Fall 2014 News: Crisp White Shirts, Teacher of the Year, and WKYC's Russ Mitchell

Seniors rejoice after winning the competition between grades to decide who best recites the creed
Exciting days! The school year has begun and Ginn Academy is now in full swing with so many great things going on. For example, take a look at this article about the Academy that was in the Washington Post on October 2nd.

Between classes, students walk in lines, always to the right

At the class of 2014 graduation ceremony, the inaugural Teacher of the Year Award was presented to Mr. Albert Coreno. The award was made possible by The Ratner Family Foundation in honor of Audrey Ratner and her lifelong dedication to education.

Mr. Coreno's children and wife, Karen, Mr. Coreno, Audrey Ratner, and Principal Nick Petty

Mr. Coreno was completely surprised when his name was called. His family had been secretly made aware of this honor and was in attendance to share in the joy.

Students meet every day after school in Mr Coreno's classroom. He provides math tutoring and enrichment for them.

Newspaper stories about The Ginn Academy fill Mr. Coreno's bulletin board
A few months later, and school is back in session with 350 students, the largest enrollment thus far since the Academy's inception in 2007.

On October 2nd, WKYC Channel 3 news anchor, Russ Mitchell, visited the school with his camera crew and producer to interview Coach Ginn for his 7 Minutes series. The program was held in the gym during the daily morning session so that the students could serve as audience and backdrop to the interview. Mr. Mitchell kindly entertained questions from the students and, no doubt, piqued their interest in journalism careers. You can find the interview on WKYC's website here.

WKYC news anchor, Russ Mitchell, interviewed Mr. Ginn for his 7 Minutes series

Russ Mitchell talks with the entire student body, answering questions and sharing his thoughts and anecdotes
The Ginn Academy is enjoying many interesting collaborations these days. We recently learned that one of the Cleveland Foundation's Creative Fusion artists, photographer Dale Yudelman from South Africa, will be working with a group of Ginn Academy students on a street photography project. Dale is a tremendously talented photojournalist who has worked all over the world and we couldn't be more excited about this opportunity. The boys' work and Dale's will be exhibited at Waterloo Arts on November 7th, and we'll certainly post some of their work in our next update here.

Photographer Dale Yudelman, Ted Ginn Sr., and Amy Callahan of Waterloo Arts
In Ms. Herman's 10th grade biology class last week, the boys were making terrariums. They learned about the closed system, gathered their materials, including moss scraped from the vivarium floor, and went to work together.

Sophomores in Ms. Herman's biology class preparing their terrariums together

Last spring, the winners of the first Ginn Academy Shakespeare Competition were featured in this blog post, but the winner, Donte Levert, was not present that day. Here he is and he's ready to win again this year!

Donte Levert, Sophomore, winner of last spring's Shakespeare Competition
In closing, we'll include some photos from around the school that illustrate the scholarship, leadership, service, and joy that our students radiate. We are so proud of each and every one of them.

Thank you for your continued interest in our school!

Kindest regards from everyone at Ginn Academy.